Douglas Products Powers up New Plant Health Division

Douglas Products Powers up New Plant Health Division

Longtime crop protection company Douglas Products has announced the formation of a new Plant Health Division following the recent addition of two companies in the biological plant nutrition and soil health fields — Growth Products and AgriEnergy Resources.


Based in White Plains, NY, Growth Products produces and markets liquid nutrient and biological technologies serving the turf and ornamental, agriculture, arbor care, and residential markets, and serves the citrus market in Florida through its G.P. Solutions Division. AgriEnergy Resources specializes in the development and production of microbial and other soil fertility products for horticulture and row crops.

“We are excited to expand our resources and expertise with the addition of two companies which each have more than 30 years of proven track record for developing innovative solutions aimed at improving soil health and increasing plant productivity,” stated Wes Long, CEO, in a prepared news release. “The mergers are a major step in our company’s vision to expand its branded specialty chemicals and biological solutions portfolio for the agriculture and turf & ornamental segments.”

Under the Douglas Products banner, Growth Products and AgriEnergy Resources will capture research and development, agronomical support, and manufacturing synergies, according to Vince Adams, Chief Business Development Officer for Douglas Products. “Our main goal is to better serve customers by leveraging the combined strengths of all three companies. We will expand investment to develop new soil and plant health solutions both in the U.S. and overseas. And we will also take advantage of efficiencies in, logistics, warehousing, regulatory affairs, and marketing.”

Long confirmed that Growth Products and AgriEnergy Resources will continue to operate from their current headquarter locations.