Final 2009 U.S. Apple Production Forecast

The final U.S. apple production forecast for the 2009 crop year is 10.02 billion pounds, up 3% from 2008. Washington production, which makes up 56% of the total, is forecast at 5.60 billion pounds, down 3% from the previous forecast and 2008.


Overall production is expected to be lower than last year due to frost and hail damage, as well as hot weather during July and August. Quality is reportedly good, and this year’s fruit size is more evenly distributed than last year. Weather conditions during harvest have been good, as well.

The apple forecast for New York is at 1.29 billion pounds, 2% higher than the August forecast and 3% higher than last year.

Michigan’s forecast is 1.15 billion pounds, a 10% increase from August and 92% above 2008’s frost-reduced crop.