Fungicide for Specialty Crops Gets OMRI Label

Fungicide for Specialty Crops Gets OMRI Label

ADAMA USA recently announced that it has received Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listing for Mastercop bactericide/fungicide, a solution of copper sulfate pentahydrate with BioRetain technology.


Mastercop is 100% soluble copper with low metallic copper ions to be released instantly and delivered efficiently and effectively for quicker pathogen activity compared to other coppers. BioRetain technology provides higher bioactivity and improved uptake, and the smaller copper particle size of Mastercop allows better coverage, distribution, and subcuticular penetration. Additionally, Mastercop does not leave a visible residue.

“Mastercop has been successfully used for some time throughout most of the U.S. on crops such as fruiting vegetables, grapes, cucurbits, berries, tree fruit, tree nuts, root vegetables, and more,” Brent Marek, ADAMA Asset Manager says. “Compared to traditional coppers with high percent metallic copper, Mastercop has 5.4% elemental copper. This means that with the same level of control, Mastercop has significantly less risk of phytotoxicity and environmental impact than its competitors,” Marek says.

ADAMA suggests growers should apply Mastercop at rates ranging from 0.5 to 6 pints per acre, depending on the crop, disease and season.