Major Agriculture Advocate Honored by Minor Crop Farmer Alliance

Major Agriculture Advocate Honored by Minor Crop Farmer Alliance

Dan Botts (left) receives a photo signed with well-wishes from Technical Committee members from MCFA Chairman Phil Korson.

Dan Botts was recently honored at a reception hosted by the Minor Crop Farmer Alliance (MCFA) after his final MCFA Technical Committee meeting serving as Chairman. Botts is retiring at year’s end as Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association’s Vice President of industry resources and will be relinquishing his responsibilities with MCFA.

Since MCFA was formed in 1991, Botts has guided the work of its Technical Committee as its first and only Chairman to date. That has included advocating for U.S. specialty crop growers in Washington, DC, as well as with foreign governments and agencies that regulate international trade.


Botts wrapped up his last meeting as Technical Committee Chair, noting, “MCFA has high credibility across the regulatory and legislative front because we have maintained absolute honesty in everything we do based on facts and science. We have been equal opportunity contrarian voices when we see things aren’t being done right, and we have offered solutions where we see problems. MCFA is as important today as it has ever been.”

MCFA Chairman Phil Korson, President of Cherry Marketing Institute, thanked Botts for his work, noting that it will take a team of committee co-chairs to follow in Botts’ prolific footsteps.

“While the work you and this group have done is often hard to explain because it can be highly technical, what is easy to explain is that work has been absolutely vital to the future of the specialty crop industry,” Korson said. “You did it completely, thoroughly, and with total commitment to our growers.”