Money Flow on Tap for Water-Conscious Florida Farmers

subirrigation implementation

Sub-irrigation drain tile projects are eligible for Florida’s St. Johns River Water Management District Agricultural Cost-Share Program.
Photo courtesy of SJRWMD

Being water wise can pay off in multiple ways. Farmers in Florida know this, especially with water quality and availability under constant high pressure. To keep a positive flow going, the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) is once again accepting applications from those interested in participating in cost-share funding for agricultural projects that promote water conservation and improve water quality in area waterways. The deadline for submitting an application is Nov. 30.

The district’s Agricultural Cost-Share Program assists farmers, ranchers, and growers by providing up to 75% of cooperative funding, not to exceed $250,000, toward implementing water-saving technologies to improve efficiencies and protect natural systems.


According to SJRWMD, eligible projects may include irrigation system retrofits, soil moisture and climate sensor telemetry, rainwater harvesting, sub-irrigation drain tile, tailwater recovery and reuse, soil mapping with variable rate fertilizer application, and expanded waste storage.

A list of eligible projects and equipment can be found online, along with details about the application, review, and selection process.

Applications will be evaluated based on location, water conservation benefits, water-quality benefits, cost/benefit effectiveness, and timeline. From there, a recommended list of projects will go before the SJRWMD’s Governing Board for approval in February.