New Foliar-Applied Dual Mode Insecticide Released

Cormoran, a new dual-mode insecticide from Adama USA, provides knockdown and residual control of a broad range of insect pests including from codling moth, pear psylla, and leafroller. The dual mode of action specifically targets both the egg and larval stages of target pests, helping stop damage before it starts.


“Longer acting protection of high-value crops also helps ensure a better return on investment on crops where Cormoran is applied,” says Dave Downing, Cormoran Asset Manager.

ADAMA received full EPA registration approval for new Cormoran insecticide in November and is rolling out the new insecticide in time for the 2017 season.

Early target applications include apples and pears because of the exceptional control Cormoran provides on codling moth and pear psylla, two common pests on these fruits. It is also labeled on many other crops including berries, brassicas, fruiting vegetables, cotton, potatoes, stone fruit, strawberries, and sweet corn for a broad spectrum of chewing and piercing-sucking insects.

The two modes of action include Groups 15 + 4A to help manage insect resistance in high-value crops. The unique pesticide also exhibits moderate impact on beneficial insects.

“Testing for two years in the Pacific Northwest and the Northeast demonstrated equal or better control than industry standards for codling moth and pear psylla in pome fruit while providing broader spectrum control of additional insects in these crops,” Downing says.

Cormoran is provided as a dispersible concentrate and is available in limited quantities from ADAMA dealers and distributors.