New York Apple Growers Support Retailers

This fall, the New York Apple Association will be offering a full-service promotion support program for retailers promoting “New Crop Apples,” tying in with the buy-local trend.


“We’re going all out to push fresh, local fruit,” says Jim Allen, president of the New York Apple Association. “Our apples this fall will be coming straight from the orchard — not fruit from storage.”
A key component of the Promotion Support Program is newly designed POS signage promoting “New Crop McIntosh,” “New Crop Empires,” and generic New Crop signs.

Banners also are available, as well as stylish new display wrap and new health card POS signage.
The Apple Association has also created a new poster highlighting New York apples, with a starburst stick-on that reads “New Crop!”

The in-store demo program will continue, as well, which has been one of the most effective ways to promote apples. Last year, the NYAA sponsored about 1,500 in-store demos throughout the nation.
The association also will launch an extensive $600,000 advertising campaign throughout the year on television and radio that promotes the taste and the health benefits of eating apples.

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