Report: Turkish Tart Cherry Imports Harmed American Growers

Report: Turkish Tart Cherry Imports Harmed American Growers

According to reports, the U.S. Trade Commission has determined “reasonable indication” that imports of Turkish tart cherries have hurt U.S. growers. This determination follows a petition from tart cherry growers to have the federal government place up to a 650% antidumping and countervailing tariff on dried cherries imported from Turkey. The petitioners say Turkish imports, are heavily subsidized and are able to be sold far below fair market value. The Detroit News says tart cherry imports are up 259% since 2016.


“It’s what we expected based on the evidence we presented,” said Nels Veliquette, a cherry grower whose family is one of two that owns Traverse City’s Shoreline Fruit LLC, told The Detroit News. “The positive news is good, but this a long process. It’s a little mile marker on our journey.”

The U.S. Department of Commerce will continue the investigations and will decide if on countervailing duties are necessary by July 17 and antidumping duties by Sept. 30.

This follows a measure announced in November to lift the duty free status of imported tart cherry juice.