Reports: U.S. Fruit Stalled for Days at Docks in China

Reports: U.S. Fruit Stalled for Days at Docks in China

Shenzhen port

Recent news reports indicate fruit inspections in China have been ramped up, delaying shipments by as much as a week. Port of Shenzhen pictured above. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

According to reports from Reuters, U.S. exports of fresh fruits have been stalled at major ports in China for up to seven days. Sources tell the news agency that all U.S. fruit shipments have been subjected to up to seven days in quarantine.

“China has resumed the practice of inspecting every batch of U.S. fresh fruit,” the source who wished to remain anonymous told the news agency.


These fruit inspections conducted in major ports such as Shanghai and Shenzhen are for disease and rot. The source says previously inspectors screened about 30% of shipments, and customs officials in China let shipments through as sample inspections were made.

Sources tell the agency that several shipments of U.S. apples have recently failed quarantine inspections and will be returned to the U.S.

“There has been news of detaining of fruits – citrus and a little bit of apples,” Bryan Peebles, a Sales Manager with Chelan Fresh. He told the news agency that California cherry exports are set to arrive in the country soon, and U.S. fruit exporters will get a better handle on the quarantine screenings then.

Reuters is reporting exporters are nervous with impending imports from cherry season coming. Exporters fear that canceled orders from China will cause U.S. growers to sell the fruit in other markets in a hurry.

“During the peak of our season, there is no way that they will have enough refrigerated storage for our cherries. The chances that our cherries will be destroyed under the sun is far greater,” commented Keith Hu, Director of International Operations for Northwest Cherry Growers, to the news agency.