Where to Watch Exclusive Showing of ‘The Last Harvest’

A special showing of the award winning Driscoll’s documentary “The Last Harvest,” which shines light on the labor shortage and immigration reform, will be part of the packed agenda at the third annual Organic Grower Summit, Dec. 4-5 in Monterey, CA.


Produced by Driscoll’s, in partnership with studio Farm League, “The Last Harvest” offers an opportunity to hear the hopes, hardships, and sense of life-purpose in harvesting berries from three independent family growers. The film explores the issues contributing to agriculture’s labor shortage and proposes possible solutions to overcoming these challenges.

Following the airing of the 22-minute documentary, a panel of produce industry leaders will hold a discussion on the challenges and solutions around the labor shortage, immigration reform, H2A, and growing innovations.

The session will be moderated by Tonya Antle, co-founder, Organic Produce Network. Panel members include Soren Bjorn, President of the Americas, Driscoll’s; Dave Puglia, Incoming CEO, Western Growers Association; Hannah Freeman, Co-Founder and CEO Ganaz; and Carmen A. Ponce, VP and General Counsel of Labor, Tanimura & Antle.

The third annual Organic Grower Summit, produced by partners California Certified Organic Farmers and Organic Produce Network, also will feature a series of eight educational sessions and a trio of keynote presenters, recognized for their innovative and resourceful leadership in creating new and exciting opportunities for those involved in the production of organic crops and products.

For more information, visit organicgrowersummit.com.