Western Pistachio Association Is Now American Pistachio Growers

The Western Pistachio Association has changed its name to American Pistachio Growers (APG), effective immediately. (For more on the association, as well as the state of the pistachio industry,). The change was announced on July 21 at the organization’s Annual Membership Luncheon in Visalia, CA, before a record crowd of pistachio growers eager to learn the new activities planned by APG.


“With the expansion of our programs in international markets, we found it necessary to find a name that clearly communicates who we are in all markets,” said Richard Matoian, APG Executive Director. “Since we represent pistachio growers in California, Arizona, and New Mexico, American Pistachio Growers was a natural for us, indicating American quality and a grower-run organization.”

APG Global Marketing Director, Judy Hirigoyen, previewed the new communications campaign, The Power of Pistachios, which places APG growers front and center as brand ambassadors for their nutritious nut. With an emphasis on China and Europe, the campaign intends to extoll the nutritional and flavor benefits of the nut of the Pistacia vera tree, which came into commercial production in the 1970s in the U.S. The U.S. now leads the world in production with 528,000,000 million pounds produced in 2010, followed by Iran.

American Pistachio Growers is a voluntary trade association representing U.S. pistachio growers. The Fresno, CA-based organization has more than 450 members representing pistachio production in the states of California, Arizona, and New Mexico. These states represent nearly 100% of the domestic pistachio production.

Source: American Pistachio Growers