Irrigation Association Forms Political Action Committee

The Irrigation Association’s Board of Directors approved the formation of the Irrigation Association Political Action Committee (IrrigationPAC), during a meeting at Irrigation Show 2008.


IrrigationPAC is a non-partisan, voluntary, political action committee created to help the association, which is headquartered in Virginia, achieve its legislative objectives and increase the industry’s visibility with elected officials and political candidates at the federal level. 
"IrrigationPAC is a necessary and useful tool for the Irrigation Association to become the recognized authority on irrigation," said President Stephen W. Smith. "Increasing our presence with elected officials and policy makers will help IA promote the message of efficient irrigation and better water management."

The PAC, which will be headed by John Farner, the association’s federal affairs director will: 

· Support the election or reelection of U.S. congressional candidates who share a commitment to efficient irrigation.
· Educate policymakers about the economic and environmental benefits of efficient irrigation.
· Represent industry stakeholders’ interests and take a leadership role in the water management debate.