Produce Sorters

A new line of mid-volume sorters has been introduced by Key Technology. The family of Manta 1600 sorters feature a 1520-millimeter wide scan area and up to seven cameras and two lasers, The units sort up to 15 metric tons of product per hour to match the requirements of most processed vegetable, potato, and fruit production lines.
Incorporating design features that Key first introduced in 2008 with its 2-meter-wide Manta 2000 sorter, the new smaller Manta 1600 was developed for mid-volume customers. To meet the specific needs of each application, Key can configure Manta 1600 to include a combination of cameras and lasers for on-belt and off-belt in-air viewing.
Using color and/or Vis/IR cameras, Manta 1600 recognizes each object’s size and shape as well as many subtle color differences to remove defects based on user-defined reject standards. Raptor lasers detect foreign material based on differences in the structural properties of the objects while FluoRaptor reliably detects foreign material based on differing levels of chlorophyll.
To ease maintenance, Manta features an open design and large cabinet doors that provide greater access to the sorter’s electronics and hardware. Quick release components allow Manta’s belt to be changed quickly and easily. Real-time and on-demand diagnostics help avoid costly downtime and detect conditions that could compromise inspection.
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