3 Products To Better Serve Your Soil

When it comes to growing produce, crop protection is of utmost importance in getting the harvest from the farm to the fork. It is known healthier plants can  better stand up to pests and diseases. There are a number of products on the market geared toward soil health. Learn more about three currently on the market starting on this page.


Large blueberries courtesy of using BioWash fertilizer1. BioWash

BioWash works at the cellular level of roots, increasing their ability to more efficiently absorb moisture and nutrients from the surrounding soil. Enhanced absorption of available carbon, humus, compost trace minerals, etc., increases the sugar content of the plant. The elevated brix count acts to improve photosynthesis, resulting in healthier growth and more hardy resistance to disease and climate impacts.

Blueberry plantings using Life Soils fertilizer product2. Life Soils

Life Soils products are derived from the high temperature, aerobic decomposition of organic residuals under strictly controlled conditions. The use of Harvest Quest’s proprietary inoculant and its unique Modified Static Aerobic Pile composting process allows bacterial densities to increase optimally. This results in the production of high-quality compost carefully processed to maintain excellent soil-building attributes as well as an abundance of beneficial microorganisms.

Plant root growth comparison using Quantum Growth fertilizer3. Quantum Growth

The Quantum Growth series of products are microbial soil and plant inoculants that restore and enhance the foundational levels of the soil food web (first and second trophic levels). These products incorporate highly specialized photosynthetic bacteria into diverse microbial formulations that provide plant enhancement at foliar, root, and rhizosphere. Quantum Growth products promote increased nutrient uptake and improved photosynthesis, which results in greater root and shoot development, improved plant health, and increased yields.