Advanced Microbial Solutions Announces Name Change To Agricen

Agricen logo


Advanced Microbial Solutions, LLC (AMS), an agricultural technology company delivering applied, biochemical-based solutions for efficient and sustainable plant nutrition, has announced that the company has changed its name to Agricen.

Agricen, a Loveland Products company, will continue to provide growers with innovative plant nutrition technologies to increase nutrient availability and uptake, improve sustainability and resource utilization, and increase yields. The company also marks the first commercial product shipments from a new, state-of-the-art production facility located in Denton, TX.

“The new name reflects our transition and growth as a leader in the delivery of innovative, effective and sustainable plant nutrition tools,” said Michael Totora, CEO, Agricen. “As Agricen, we will continue to innovate new, effective technologies that enable growers to adapt to the rapidly evolving requirements of modern agriculture, including the demand for more efficiency and sustainability in plant nutrition programs.”

In August 2012, Agricen entered a strategic partnership with Loveland Products, Inc., a leading provider of high performance crop input products. Agricen currently produces two of Loveland’s fastest growing plant nutrition brands, Accomplish LM and Titan. Loveland Products is a subsidiary of Crop Production Services, Inc., and part of Agrium Inc.

“Agricen has established a sophisticated biotechnology platform to produce innovative plant nutrition products for more efficient and sustainable yields,” said Brent Smith, Vice President, Loveland Products. “These products are key to Loveland’s sustainable plant nutrition product strategy, both in North America and other emerging geographies.”

Agricen’s products are innovative biochemical fertilizer catalysts derived from a naturally occurring, diverse community of microorganisms and their byproducts (enzymes, organic acids, and chelators), which work in the soil system to enhance fertilizer performance. The product biochemistry interacts with the natural soil chemistry to increase the availability and uptake of both applied nutrients and those that are tied-up in the soil or in crop residue; it also works to increase root size and structure, facilitating increased nutrient uptake. Agricen’s products have been shown to perform consistently over a broad range of plant species, soil types and application methods in more than 600 field and greenhouse studies conducted by Agricen, universities, USDA, and other third-party evaluators.

Agricen, a Loveland Products company, is an agricultural technology company delivering applied, biochemical-based solutions and products for efficient and sustainable plant nutrition. Agricen helps growers adapt to the rapidly changing demands of modern agriculture by providing the most effective tools to increase nutrient availability and uptake, improve sustainability, and increase yields.

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