California Specialty Crop Weeders and Thinners Field Day On Tap


An auto thinner in action in Salinas, CA.

Want to hear the latest on automated weeders and thinner machines in specialty crops? University of California Cooperative Extension is hosting its 2019 Automated Thinner and Weeder Field Day this month at the USDA Spence Research Field Station in Salinas, CA.

Additional Details:

When: Tuesday, May 21, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.


Where: 1572 Old Stage Road, Salinas, CA.

What: At this field day, a number of companies will demonstrate their weeders and automated lettuce thinners on lettuce plantings. Attendees can view both driven and autonomous machines that use a variety of different mechanisms to remove unwanted plants.

Companies include: Ag Mechtronix, FarmWise, Ferrari (Veda Farming), Garford (Quinn Tractor), Mantis Ag Technology, Naio Technologies, Robovator (Pacific Ag Rentals), Steketee (IC and Finger Weeders – Sutton Ag) and Vision Robotics.

Who: The Dept. of Plant Sciences, UC, Davis and the University of California Cooperative Extension, Monterey County is organizing the meeting.

Miscellaneous: There is no admission fee and refreshments will be served. Organizers have requested 2.0 Continuing Education Credits. For more information call Richard Smith, 831-759-7357