Where You Can Get Training on Protected Growing

Where You Can Get Training on Protected Growing

Growers who have only grown outdoors face a significant knowledge gap when growing indoors. Issues like ventilation, irrigation, and pest control are handled quite differently from field production.


Up the ante a bit with adding supplemental lighting and heat — a must in winter production — and field growers face the unknown. At the top of the knowledge-needed ladder is hydroponics.

Luckily, there are excellent programs around the country designed for growers.

Greenhouse Crop Production & Engineering Design Short Course. Hosted by The University of Arizona in mid-March each year. It also offers intensive workshops on lettuce (in mid-October) and tomatoes (in January).

Greenhouse Tomato Short Course. Hosted by Mississippi State University. Held in early March each year.

International Congress on Controlled Environment Agriculture. This international event is fairly new. It’s most recent event was in late 2017.

University classes. Many land-grant universities offer traditional college-level courses on these topics.

Suppliers. Another good source of education is manufacturers, who tend to have experts on hand for growers. A few even host their own educational events.