Corn Insecticide Receives EPA Registration

Corn Insecticide Receives EPA Registration

EPA has approved a new soil insecticide, Ballista LFC from Syngenta, that offers broad-spectrum control against damaging soil insects in corn. The insecticide’s active ingredient is lambda-cyhalothrin, an industry standard for broad-spectrum insect control.


Syngenta trials have shown that Ballista LFC controls both corn rootworm and secondary pests, including grubs, maggots and wireworms. Combined with corn rootworm traits, Ballista LFC is said to deliver consistent and convenient control of these pests.

“Consistent and convenient control in an insecticide is a priority for growers looking to protect their yields,” said Brent Lackey, product lead for Syngenta. “Use of Ballista LFC will be most appropriate on corn rootworm-traited corn in low-pressure areas or when there is a need to control secondary pests not controlled by traits.”

State registrations for Ballista LFC are pending.