Dry Season Conditions Finally Arrive For South Florida

Dry Season Conditions Finally Arrive For South Florida

March was the first below-average month of the year in precipitation for much of South Florida, according to the latest report from South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) officials.


A total of 2.39 inches of rain fell Districtwide in March, representing 84% of average, or 0.47 inches below average. This ended four consecutive dry-season months of above-average rainfall.map/graphic for March 2016 rainfall totals in South Florida

The Upper Kissimmee Basin was the wettest portion of the SFWMD, with 4.88 inches of rain, representing 144% of average, or 1.49 inches above average.

The Southwest Coast was the driest portion of the SFWMD, with 0.81 inches of rain, representing 31% of average, or 1.77 inches below average.

Other rainfall totals included:

  • Lake Okeechobee received 2.38 inches of direct rainfall, representing 85% of average, or 0.42 inches below average.
  • Water Conservation Area 3 received 1.82 of direct rainfall for the month, representing 76% of average, or 0.73 inches below average. The vast wetland in Broward and Miami-Dade counties was impacted by record rainfall earlier in the year.
  • East Caloosahatchee received 1.44 inches of rain, representing 52% of average, or 1.32 inches below average.
  • Palm Beach and Broward counties each received above-average rainfall, with 119% of average and 109% of average, respectively.