What to Expect from Syngenta’s Purchase of Abbott & Cobb

What to Expect from Syngenta’s Purchase of Abbott & Cobb

Syngenta-and-Abbott_Cobb-logo-4cSyngenta’s purchase of storied vegetable seed company Abbott & Cobb made news this week. American Vegetable Grower reached out Paul Minehart, Head of Syngenta’s Corporate Communications-North America, to learn more about the acquisition.


Q. What changes will take place in the next 12 months?

Minehart: Abbott & Cobb will remain the same in terms of brand, products, and customer service and support.

Q. Now that the acquisition is complete, how long will it take to transition from today’s mostly separate businesses to the final version of the business?

Minehart: We expect a seamless transition, as Abbott & Cobb will retain its individual company brand.

Q. How should growers interact with Abbott & Cobb in the coming year? For example, will minimum orders or billing terms change?

Minehart: We expect a seamless transition. Our commitment is this: There will be no change for growers.

Q. Sweet corn was singled out in the letter. How will other crops in the Abbott & Cobb portfolio be handled?

Minehart: The entire Abbott & Cobb portfolio is included.