Farm Labor Housing Loans Are Now Allowed for H-2A Workers

farm labor housing

Tanimura & Antle offers on-site, farm labor housing for its workers.

The U.S. government closed a loophole that previously limited farm labor housing loans for the use of American citizens or permanent residents. Growers can now use the loans to house legal non-citizen workers, like those in the H-2A program.

The deadline for the farm labor housing loans is August 27.


What Does a Farm Labor Housing Loan Cover?

Growers can use the funds to construct, improve, or purchase multi-family rental housing. They can also buy and improve land, provide infrastructure needed for build or improve housing.

The government has a much more extensive list of allowed and excluded uses for its loans on its site.

What are the Loan Terms?

The loans have a low 1% fixed rate and can be paid back over 33 years. The loans are on a first-come, first-served basis. Growers can allocated funds for on-farm housing.

“The seasonal workers coming to the United States do tremendous work for American agriculture,” says Ag Secretary Perdue. I am pleased that USDA programs can now better assist farmers needing to provide housing while they’re here.”