First California Ag Innovation Showcase Announced

Larta Institute and the University of California, Davis World Food Center have partnered to launch the Ag Innovation Showcase, California’s first such event, at the UC-Davis Conference Center May 8-9.


The partnership leverages UC-Davis’ position as the top-ranked university in the U.S. for agriculture research and globally for veterinary medicine alongside Larta Institute’s award-winning high impact expertise in accelerating commercial innovation.

First California Ag Innovation Showcase AnnouncedThe Ag Innovation Showcase will feature early-stage companies and discussions involving investors and food and agriculture experts. The event will especially focus on emerging, transformative technologies across areas of high-value crops, livestock, and dairy.

“Staying at the leading edge of technology keeps California agriculture globally competitive. Our aim is to create investment opportunities through the Ag Innovation Showcase that advance commercial solutions for the ag and food sectors,” said Josette Lewis, associate director of the World Food Center.

In 2015 alone, venture investments nearly doubled, with investor interest in the agriculture sector continuing to grow since, despite a decline across all sectors in 2016. The emergence of several merger and acquisition deals reflect a continuing consolidation around innovative solutions that promote efficiency, increase productivity and leverage technologies in new and extraordinary ways. The Ag Innovation Showcase is poised to capitalize on these developments in tangible ways.

The event is expected to attract an audience of investors, entrepreneurs, and food and agriculture companies at the forefront of innovation. The industry event will showcase innovations from the farmer to the consumer, from climate-smart technologies to advanced food safety solutions. The showcase themes are:

  • Automation and robotics for fresh produce, fruits, and nuts
  • Food safety from production to product
  • Nutrition and sensory enhancement for foods
  • Innovation for livestock and dairy

Established in 2013, the World Food Center is elevating the impact of UC-Davis research for healthier food systems, sustainable solutions and to grow the innovation economy. Larta Institute, founded in Los Angeles in 1993, is an internationally-recognized and mission-driven innovation accelerator that provides a runway of success for world-changing ideas in agriculture, energy, and healthcare.