How To Be Safe During Harvest Time

Fall is a busy time with many farm workers using equipment in order to harvest produce on the farm and orchard. Farmers and farm workers are at risk for injury and fatalities.


Michigan State Unviersity Extension offers some farm safety tips to keep in mind during the harvest season:

  • Install Slow-Moving Vehicle (SMV) signs.
  • Wear seat belts.
  • Put equipment in neutral or park, engage parking brake, and turn off engine before dismounting.
  • Wait until all mechanisms have stopped moving before attempting to service or unclog a machine.
  • Locking hydraulic cylinders or supporting the head prior to working under it is always recommended.
  • Limit riders on equipment.
  • Keep all guards in place.
  • Train all operators to safely operate the equipment.
  • Have all safety equipment in proper condition and ready to use such as safety glasses, hearing protection and respiratory masks.
  • Have ROPS (rollover protective structures) fitted on tractors.

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