Meet the Vegetable Industry’s Biggest Dreamers

Meet the Vegetable Industry’s Biggest Dreamers

Agriculture mixes fatalism, pragmatism, and idealism. Fatalism due to the power weather wields over the fate of any given year’s harvest. Pragmatism stems from the scientific nature of growing — every plant needs predictable inputs, days for growth, and reliable postharvest measures to succeed. And the idealism is an automatic requirement for anyone who depends on the weather for success.


When you look at the different people in the industry, you’ll find a mix of these different elements. With their scientific training, breeders have a healthy dose of practicality. But they pour all that training into creating crops that will solve as many of the industry’s problems as possible. They want plants that can resist the biggest pests, that will ship well, harvest easily, and taste amazing to consumers.

In other words, they are always on the hunt for the Holy Grail.

Scroll through the slideshow above to see some of today’s top breeders, selected by their seed companies as the ones who are introducing some of the most exciting vegetables the industry has seen.