Brussels Sprouts of a Different Color on the Grow in Florida

If you’ve seen or eaten one Brussels sprout, then you’ve seen and tasted them all, right? Wrong. Plant researchers in Northeast Florida are busy trialing more colorful varieties of the cole crop that are sure to make growers and consumers take notice.


First Coast News in Jacksonville recently aired a segment about “purple” Brussels sprouts being grown and analyzed at a UF/IFAS research farm in Hastings, FL. Already a healthy option sporting a bounty of nutrients, these more colorful Brussels sprouts up the ante on its “super food” status. The dark red/purple color indicates an elevated presence of anthocyanins – a food compound with antioxidant properties.

Two varieties being trialed are ‘Red Darling’ and ‘Red Ball.’ Despite the names, there is some debate when it comes to these new Brussels sprouts. Are they actually purple, or are they red?

Watch the news segment below for your take.

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