Nature Fresh Farms To Open New 175-Acre Greenhouse In Ohio

Growing fresh vegetables in the Midwest is about to take a major turn in a new direction as Nature Fresh Farms has announced a large-scale investment in northwest Ohio. The company plans to begin construction on a 175-acre greenhouse facility in Delta, OH in the spring of 2015.


“This is an exciting time for Nature Fresh Farms as we expand our operations to include a U.S. growing facility. This development will allow us to better serve our Ohio customers with locally grown produce, year-round and continue to grow our U.S. operations.” stated Peter Quiring, president of Nature Fresh Farms.

Contingent upon acceptable levels of incentives from the State of Ohio and other government authorities as well as utility rates agreeable to Nature Fresh, the company would be poised to ship its first case of vegetables in December 2015. The greenhouse project will be completed in several phases over the next seven years with a total investment approaching $200 million by the year 2022.

Nature Fresh Farms has partnered with Jobs-Ohio, the Regional Growth Partnership, the Fulton County Economic Development Corporation, York Township, and the Village of Delta after an extensive search for the optimal site for this expansion project.

“Nature Fresh Farms’ intention to open its first U.S. production facility in Delta is great news for northwest Ohio,” commented Aaron Pitts, Managing Director of Jobs-Ohio. “We look forward to working closely with the Nature Fresh Farms team and our local partners as the company establishes operations in the United States,” said Pitts.

The Delta, Ohio site was selected due to its easy access to current and future customers as well as proximity to the company’s headquarters. Nature Fresh Farms is also exploring a partnership with Northstar/Bluescope Steel to utilize carbon dioxide and waste heat from their operations. This innovative and environmentally beneficial partnership will be one of the first of its kind anywhere in the U.S.

“The proposed investment by Nature Fresh Farms is an exciting project for the York Township, the Village of Delta, and surrounding communities”, stated Matt Gilroy, executive director of the Fulton County Economic Development Corporation. “The company plans to employ more than 300 people by the last phase of the project and its payroll at the Fulton County location will be nearly $12 million annually. We welcome Nature Fresh Farms to Fulton County and will work diligently to meet the company’s needs and complete the project successfully,” said Gilroy.

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Source: Nature Fresh Farms press release

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Avatar for Matt Matt says:

“Contingent upon acceptable levels of incentives from the State of Ohio and other government authorities as well as utility rates agreeable to Nature Fresh, the company would be poised to ship its first case of vegetables in December 2015.”

And we wonder why corporate farming is replacing family farms. If Ohio was SMART they would invest in their citizens by directly subsidizing the farmers that live there instead of some large corporate entity.

This is a perfect example of what is WRONG with American agricultural politics. It is time we invest in PEOPLE and not corporate entities.

Avatar for Tim Sickman Tim Sickman says:

Matt’s remarks are spot on. While I don’t begrudge Nature Fresh for doing what they’re doing, it’s indeed unfortunate and flat out wrong that the same incentives and discounts aren’t afforded to local, smaller-scale growers.

Avatar for Shawb Shawb says:

Sounds like a project that happened in my city. A company from Canada came down to start up production in the states because of cheaper labor and incentives. Never reached full production and closed shop within 4-5 years. Apparently we are to Canada what Mexico is to us.

Avatar for Tom Tom says:

I think the general public is numb to the amount of public taxpayer money that is given away to companies. Don’t give any incentives until the project is complete! The project is for 7 years and probably will be drastically scaled back within 24 months, but the incentives, waived taxes, and “privileged” utility rates will be locked in. I would hope there are some contingencies that hold the company accountable, but I doubt it. I recognize the commitment that this company is making, but existing U.S. owned greenhouse companies would never be offered these kind of discounts. That’s why there are so few.

Avatar for tom wagner tom wagner says:

Its all about the fat cats (ceo’s) and money, what they meant to say is most of the 300 workers will be part time employees, hence no benefits or insurance to pay for them…These big boys get all the breaks and the little farmers have to foot all the bills….lets treat all the growers the same whether it electric an gas rates or other subsidies or tax breaks…..just remember folks we have billions of dollars to pump into rebuilding Afghanistans infrastructure, while our own people suffer here at home….Lets take care of the smaller farmers here and we can open the job market with additional job oportunities.

Avatar for Tim Tim says:

More for the small farmer to pay for. Corporate farms get tax breaks, discount electricity, property tax breaks, NEVER leave a penny in the community, BUT the people who live here and small farm operations pay for their discounts. It really isnt fair.

Avatar for David Tower David Tower says:

Thank you to everybody who has commented with the small farmer in mind. I agree with your perspectives completely. I am one of those small farmers that you were referring to. David Tower

Avatar for Liz Liz says:

This green house is going in right next to my house. I am beyond pissed about it. We are also small farmers, and this green house is going to be trouble and a complete eye sore. We were really hoping they would not be able to purchase the farmland that they will be building on. Unfortunately, we were not that lucky.

Avatar for Southern Tier Farmer Southern Tier Farmer says:

Everyone who has commented on this article is spot on! Is this what farming has become today? You can’t do it unless you get a handout from the govt? Even new small farmers are being given “free money” taken from the hard working taxpayer. I would be willing to bet this place will be employing probably an almost exclusive migrant work force too.

Avatar for kimberlee kimberlee says:

I own one small greenhouse and grow tomatoes and cucumbers. I’m in a few restaurants and farmer’s markets. I am too small for anyone to help me. I could ask (and find) five million dollars, but I cannot get my hands on five thousand.