Potato Webcast Compares Potato Psyllid Trapping, Zebra Chip Management Strategies

Zebra chip (ZC) and its vector, the potato psyllid, have been two front-of-mind issues for the potato industry in recent years. And while monitoring and other management practices differ from region to region, the ultimate goal is to compare notes and learn what works best.


With this in mind, a two-part Focus On Potato talk titled “Potato Psyllid Trapping and Management” compares the potato psyllid monitoring and ZC management strategies of two states in two very different growing regions: Texas and Idaho.

Part one, “Potato Psyllid Monitoring and Management in Texas” by Don Henne, assistant professor at Texas A&M AgriLife Research & Extension Center, will help consultants, growers, and other practitioners better understand the monitoring of potato psyllid populations, zebra chip disease symptoms, and advice on effective management of potato psyllids in this distinct potato growing region.

More specifically, users will learn about:

• The history of zebra chip disease and states affected
• Disease symptoms above and below ground
• The potato psyllid and potato psyllid research
• Sampling and monitoring potato psyllid populations
• Challenges to psyllid management
• Useful management approaches
• Resistance management

Part two, “Potato Psyllid And Zebra Chip in Idaho” by Erik Wenninger, assistant professor of entomology at the University of Idaho, will help viewers in the Pacific Northwest understand more about potato psyllids and zebra chip in this growing region.

More specifically, practitioners will learn:

• The recent emergence of zebra chip in the Pacific Northwest
• Results of the monitoring efforts for potato psyllids in Idaho during 2012
• Current research at the University of Idaho aimed at understanding the biology and management of potato psyllids and zebra chip.

These two presentations, which collectively take 28 minutes to view, are open access through Nov. 30, 2013.

To view this presentation and others in the Focus on Potato resource, go to www.plantmanagementnetwork.org/fop.