Readers React to GMO vs. Traditional Breeding Article

Readers React to GMO vs. Traditional Breeding Article

Reactions-to-SE-vs-GMO-breeding-articleVegetable growers and others in the industry had strong opinions to an article recently posted on this website titled, “A Plant Breeder Explains How GE Techniques Differ from Non-GMO Breeding.”


Here’s a sampling of what some of you had to say:

“Thanks for your article, ‘A Plant Breeder Explains How GE Techniques Differ from Non-GMO Breeding.’ I am a new subscriber to the Growing Produce newsletter.

“The pompous attitude of Doug Heath is typical of those that push GMOs, “GMOs are very misunderstood by many. It is not odd to fear what is not known, and I wish that there had been much more consumer education.”

“The strong popular reaction against GMOs is due to the anti-science bias of those profiting from GMOs — hiding data, fudging data, misleading people, threatening any scientists that attempt to do unbiased research, threatening farmers who choose not to grow GMOs, etc. These GMO advocates are like kids fascinated with a box of matches in a dry California forest.

“Hen-making GMOs, during the gene insertion process, hundreds of adjacent genes are inadvertently damaged. These damaged genes produce damaged proteins which can be allergenic, toxic, or carcinogenic – a dangerous game of Russian Roulette.

“In addition, GMO produce is doused with large doses of pesticide – more and more each year as weeds become resistant. Glyphosate (Roundup) is now found in the urine of the majority of Americans from the food they eat and glyphosate has recently been found to be carcinogenic. Records uncovered at Monsanto show they knew about the carcinogenic properties decades ago but there was money to be made.

“Personally, I suffered several chronic health issues (digestive problems, allergies, brain fog, low energy, frequent colds and flus) in the 2000-2010 period. Then I took a 30-day non-GMO challenge in 2011. For 30 days I ate no GMOs and only ate organic food. Within 3 weeks my chronic health issues disappeared and I turned that 30-day diet into a permanent diet. It was life changing. Now the only time symptoms return is when I eat that crappy food in restaurants when on vacation.

“I just came across an article and, apparently, my case is not unique. Thousands of others have had similar experiences. The full article can be found here.”
–Steve Gruchawka

“This is an example of a good GMO. I am sure there are many. The issue is when we breed a plant food for the sole purpose of selling more chemicals. Companies who do this show a lack of compassion for the end customer and cast doubt on the science who’s intention was , is, for the betterment of mankind.”
–Barry Rogers

“More chemicals are not being sold, you actually use less chemicals with GMO’s as the chemical is more efficient and brings down the farms cost of production, as we purchase all input costs at retail pricing and sell everything at wholesale price, we do not share the same privilege as all other industries that have a set mark up price on what they are selling, North Americans spend the least amount of on money on food then any other industrialized nation, perhaps if consumers where willing to pay considerably more for there food agriculture would make the change.”
–Scott Friesen