The Most Volatile Vegetable Crops for 2018

The Most Volatile Vegetable Crops for 2018



American Vegetable Grower® asked growers their plans for 26 different crops in its 2018 State of the Vegetable Industry survey. We wanted to know if growers were increasing or decreasing production, if they were adding a crop, or dropping it, or if they were keeping the status quo. They could also tell us they didn’t grow the crop at all.

Out of those 26 crops, four emerged as the most volatile: pumpkins, melons, watermelons, and sweet corn. These four crops showed up in the top 10 list for those crops being dropped in 2018 — and top 10 of crops being added.

Overall, more growers are adding crops than dropping crops. Among the top 10 crops being added, the number of growers planing to add a crop ranged from about 4% to a little more than 6%. In contrast, the percentage range of growers dropping one of the most-likely-to-be-dropped crops were all under 3%.

Three hundred and ninety-one growers responded to the question this data was drawn from.