The Secret to Expanding Your Acreage? Partners

The Secret to Expanding Your Acreage? Partners

How The Aiellos Groom Managers


When he was growing up, Pete Aiello of Uesugi Farms in Gilroy, CA, says his father Joe would often work 18-hour days, building a strong foundation for the farm and, over the years, hiring talented people at the senior management level for positions including production, administration, human resources, facility management, and sales.

“Our senior management team consists of folks that if I were going into battle, I’d want them with me,” he explains. “They have a great work ethic, high IQ, and they have a sense of ownership in our company. They fight for it as if it were their own.”

Pete learned the business from his father from the ground up, and as a result, the Aiellos know what they are looking for in a manager. More importantly, they know how to treat employees. The proof, Pete says, is that many of these managers make a career working at Uesugi Farms, and some have been with the operation since 1979 when Joe Aiello and a partner purchased the farm from George Uesugi.

The Aiellos also pay close attention to the people who are the up-and-comers in the ag industry out West. Pete says they follow the careers of the talented people they eventually bring on board.

“When I think of our senior management team, we knew these people for a long time before they came here,” Pete explains. “They were working for competitors, vendors, or other farming operations. We knew them very well on both professional and personal levels before we hired them. We didn’t post an ad to get these people at this level. We already knew of their talents and strengths.”