Variety Specs | Production Tips: Broccoli ‘Eastern Crown’ from Sakata

Variety Specs | Production Tips: Broccoli 'Eastern Crown' from Sakata

Broccoli ‘Eastern Crown’ from Sakata Seed America.

Variety Overview

‘Eastern Crown’ is an outstanding variety for the East Coast and warm regions throughout the U.S. Some highlights of the variety include small beads and blue-green color. ‘Eastern Crown’ is a great choice for the crown and short trim (Asian cut) markets.


Ideal Regions for the Crop

The variety performs well in warm to warm (summer) and warm to cool (fall) situations, and it prefers good soil.

Tips for Growing ‘Eastern Crown’

Here are several tips Sakata offers to succeed with ‘Eastern Crown’:

  • The plant can be smaller sized, so it is recommended to build the plant frame prior to head formation.
  • Feed ‘Eastern Crown’ the normal level of fertilizer for broccoli.
  • Build plant early, then lessen as head formation is initiated on fertile soils.
  • The variety reacts well to transplanting, and does well on sprinkler and drip irrigation.
  • It’s best to sow ‘Eastern Crown’ in spring to early summer for summer to fall harvest, which 5- to 6-inch heads have developed in moderate heat conditions.

Post harvest tips

As with all broccoli, cool down ‘Eastern Crown’ as soon as possible.

About Sakata Seed America

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of Sakata Seed America, a subsidiary of Sakata Seed Corporation, which celebrated a century of success just a few years ago. Sakata Seed America opened its doors in downtown San Francisco, California in 1977. A small outfit of dedicated employees, Sakata quickly built a reputation for supplying high quality, innovation genetics to commercial growers, retailers and ultimately, consumers. Today, we continue to challenge ourselves to be the industry leader for innovation, quality, reliability and service. Our motto reflects our values: Quality, Reliability & Service.

Need More Tips on ‘Eastern Crown’?

If growers have further questions, Sakata Seed America suggests you contact designated Sakata Area Sales Manager or distributors who carry Sakata product.