4 New Citrus Rootstocks To Grow On

4 New Citrus Rootstocks To Grow On

In late 2013, UF/IFAS approved the release of several new citrus rootstock varieties under its Citrus FAST TRACK release option. Under the program, new and experimental citrus selections are released at the request of the industry without having gone through the standard replicated trials that are traditionally completed for new cultivars released by UF/IFAS. This release option was implemented to rapidly provide potential solutions to Florida’s citrus industry. These citrus rootstocks have been released based on their limited experimental performance in trial sites under severe disease pressure from HLB. It is important to note trees on these new rootstocks still require thorough psyllid control, and that the rootstocks have performed best under experimental production systems featuring constant nutrition.


In January, Florida Foundation Seed Producers Inc. (FFSP), a direct support organization of the University of Florida that is responsible for licensing new plant varieties, announced the opportunity for Florida citrus nurseries to obtain a license agreement for the following rootstock varieties:

1. UFR-2 (U.S. Patent Pending)UFR-2 Vernia citrus rootstock

  • Seed available
  • Tissue culture (TC) liners available
  • Experimental Designation: Orange 4
  • Tetraploid
  • Medium yield¹
  • Low-to-medium HLB²
  • Potential salinity tolerance
  • Medium-sized tree
  • Medium fruit quality
  • Medium confidence; good at three locations, better on the Ridge,
  • less impressive in flatwoods; is showing promise as a rootstock
  • for mandarin scions³