Young Farmer Success Act Reintroduced to Congress

Young Farmer Success Act Reintroduced to Congress

Reps. Glenn Thompson of Pennsylvania and Joe Courtney of Connecticut reintroduced the Young Farmer Success Act (H.R. 1060) to help young farmers manage their student loan debt.


“Farmers are stewards of the land and cornerstones of our rural communities. They provide the country with a safe and affordable food supply, but we need to do more to cultivate the future generation of farmers,” Thompson says. “They face tough odds by the very nature of the business, and this legislation will provide incentives for those who would like to pursue a future in the agriculture industry, which aids our national security and the long-term sustainability of our country.”

The Young Farmer Success Act is supported by the National Young Famers Coalition. While polling their members, the organization found 53% of young farmers struggle to make their student loan payments, and 30% said they are not currently farming or delaying the return to farming because of student loans.

The National Young Farmers Coalition is seeking responses from young growers as part of its 2017 Young Farmer Survey. The information in the responses will help craft the organization’s next policy platform and help those seeking to entire the agriculture industry.