Survey Results Dig Into the Biggest Challenges Facing Young Farmers Today

The long-term success of emerging markets in specialty agriculture often lies in its youngest members. With that in mind, the National Young Farmers Coalition, a national grassroots advocacy organization working to shift power and change policy to equitably resource a new generation of working farmers, recently conducted a survey.


The survey results and analysis are now available in a new report, which can be found here. Among some of the key findings:

  • Finding affordable land to buy is the top challenge for young farmers
  • Climate change is impacting young farmers’ businesses across the country
  • 86% of young farmers identify their practices as regenerative, or supportive of healthy soils
  • 82% grow vegetables, and 66% grow flowers

The report also offers key recommendations for policy makers, including addressing cost of production and market access challenges, and investing in climate action and water access. Additionally, it offers case studies that provide insights on their most pressing challenges.

You can find the full report from the National Young Farmers Coalition here.