California Grower Launches New Website

California Grower Launches New Website

SunWest Fruit Company, one of California’s premier citrus and tree fruit operations, has launched a new website: The new website highlights SunWest’s premium quality fruit, their family traditions, exceptional quality and commitment to sustainability.


SunWest Fruit Company is committed to hard work, superior quality and caring for the environment.

These values are at the heart of their family business, which started as a family farm more than 40 years ago. SunWest has expanded into one of California’s premier citrus and tree fruit operations offering easy-peel mandarins, navel oranges, Cara Cara oranges, peaches, plums, nectarines, and pluots.

The new website was designed by MC Solutions, a full service marketing and communications company with extensive experience in brand development and promotion. “SunWest Fruit Company’s website exemplifies the family’s commitment to quality,” says Mandy Critchley, owner of MC Solutions.

“We are proud to launch our updated website. Our goal was to provide an updated overview of our company for buyers, consumers ,and potential employees,” says Doug Sankey, Vice President of Marketing at SunWest Fruit Company. “We have added useful resources for retailers which include: product handling, seasonality of our crops, merchandising information and company history. MC Solutions has done a great job in helping us portray our company via this new website.”

 Source: MC Solutions