Carol Miller

Field Scouting Guide: Beet Armyworm

What you need to know to identify and manage this pest.

Smart Thinking Will Lessen Common Grower Problems [Opinion]

This year’s Grower Achievement Award winners Brent and Rodney Jackson don’t get made at obstacles in their path. Rather, they outsmart them.

Biocontrols Conference USA East’s Tour Stops Announced!

Popular on-the-go crop protection learning experience ready to roll in Rochester.

How to Manage Pink Rot in Potatoes

Learn how to identify and treat this disease. As a bonus, see if your plants are eligible for free sample testing.

How to Build a Future for Your Farm

The 2018 Grower Achievement Award winner, Jackson Farming Company, has a juggernaut of an operation after just one generation.

Wegmans Is the Keynote at Biocontrols Conference East

Wegmans’ Vice President of Produce and Flowers, Dave Corsi, and two grower partners will discuss how the store and its suppliers are meeting consumer demand for sustainably grown produce at the 2018 Biocontrols Conference in Rochester NY, this October 11-12.

11 Cabbage Varieties Perfect for Today’s Growers

Compare these varieties’ disease resistance, regions; and other features to find the right one for you.

How to Keep Wildlife Contamination of Field Crops to a Minimum

What can vegetable growers do to lower wildlife intrusions into their fields?

It’s Springtime in Specialty Crop Automation

Just like the early computer era, today’s precision agriculture for specialty crops offers surprising and creative solutions to common field issues.

Jackson Farming Company Wins the 2018 Grower Achievement Award!

First generation growers Brent and Debbie Jackson and their son Rodney Jackson demonstrate what can accomplish when you’re willing to aim for long-term success.

How Are This Year’s Wildfires Impacting Specialty Crops?

The U.S. has seen record-breaking fires that blanketed smoke over some of the largest produce growing regions.

Campbell to Sell Bolthouse Farms and Garden Fresh Gourmet

In the midst of an internal battle for its future, Campbell is selling its Campbell Fresh division, which include Bolthouse Farms and Garden Fresh.

Check Out the Latest Broccoli Varieties

Compare these varieites’ disease resistances, regions, and other features to find the right one for you.

Healthy Soil Can Suppress Plant Pests, to a Point

The catch? There’s no univseral definition of “healthy soil.”

New York Pays to Keep Food Stamps at U.S. Farmers’ Markets

A month ago, about 2,000 farmers markets were poised to lose wireless swiping of food stamp cards when the provider’s contract ended. New York is footing the bill for the entire U.S. to extend the contract until the end of the year.

Field Scouting Guide: Purple Nutsedge

What you need to know to identify and manage this weed.

17 Pepper Varieties You’ll Want to Grow

Compare these varieties’ disease resistances, regions, and other features to find the right one for you.

Tainted McDonald’s Lettuce Traced to Fresh Express

The multistate outbreak of the Cyclosporiasis parasite adds to public anxiety around romaine lettuce, which was at the center of other foodborne illnesses recently.

A Beginning Greenhouse Grower? Avoid Beginner Mistakes

Learn the basics of hydroponics, and you’ll avoid costly errors.

Sakata Sells Its Onion Breeding Program

The South African agribusiness Zaad Holdings Limited will give Sakata first right of refusual on new onion varieties.