FDOC Working For You: Energized OJ Ads Have The Juice

As reported earlier in this publication, the Florida Department of Citrus has identified a new consumer segment, “It’s Just Juice + Families,” which makes up 45% of the population and offers the greatest potential for orange juice growth.


The Florida Citrus Commission selected a new advertising agency this year, BBDO, Atlanta, to help take our current health and wellness positioning to the next level by helping people think about orange juice in a new way.

While we strive to inspire daily consumption of Florida orange juice by a younger audience, we’ll also continue to reach and motivate our previous target of moderately health conscious adults 35 years and older. Our new campaign features three versions of a morning “status meeting” being conducted around a home table alternately by a father, a working mother, and a young male. Each hero is surrounded by the antagonists who will wreak havoc on his or her day or cause situations that will require morning stamina.

For example, the cable repairman will not arrive on time, making our hero late for work; an adolescent daughter will become moody for no apparent reason; the young male will miss the bus and have to walk to school; the principal will call one parent to report an unpleasant school incident; or a broken elevator will require one hero to climb flights of stairs. Each hero realizes that he/she is going to need some energy to take on the day and fills up his/her glass with orange juice.

Review And Critique

This creative execution establishes orange juice as part of the morning ritual, promotes the natural benefits of orange juice, and positions orange juice as part of the solution to tackle each day. In quantitative testing, our target consumers were actively engaged in and enjoyed the commercials, understood the key messages, and identified orange juice as the product being promoted. Based on test scores, we believe the new orange juice commercials will break through the clutter, resonate with our target consumers, and motivate consumption.

Delivering The Message

We have a robust media plan of more than $13 million, which balances TV with online media and drives increased exposure during the launch of new creative in January. Strategic placements on lifestyle, entertainment, family, news, and sports programming targets “It’s Just Juice + Families” consumers as well as our core customers, adults 35 and older. In addition, we’ve been able to negotiate promotions such as integrated orange juice placement on sitcoms and in a Hallmark movie and the creation of custom online games featuring OJ.