Millennial Moms, Florida Orange Juice A Good Mix

Millennial Moms, Florida Orange Juice A Good Mix

Inside the walls of our Bartow headquarters, two words have been on repeat lately: millennial moms.


The words themselves are not new. We’ve been focusing on the shopping habits of mothers born between 1980 and the early 2000s since we selected the group as our target audience two years ago.

What’s new is our approach. Moms today are part of the most socially and digitally active consumer group ever. That means they’re probably not turning to a book for advice, like I did as a young mother. Instead, they are Googling their question or crowdsourcing it to their social network.
In an effort to become part of this conversation, we launched a series of “mom tips” last season aimed at helping millennial moms solve everyday problems.

Recipe For Success

Portrayed in videos, these tips cover everything from nutrition and recipes to how to build a blanket fort on a rainy day. The quick and easy Florida OJ Blueberry Muffin recipe and delicious but nutritious Florida OJ Sunburst Smoothie recipe were particularly big hits for us.

Promoted via digital and social ads, the videos earned us nearly 653 million impressions and 5.8 million clicks last season. That’s a click-through-rate of .89% – far above the industry standard of .10% to .40%.

Once a mom clicks on a video she is transported to where she also is introduced to a multitude of recipes and nutrition information on the benefits of Florida orange juice. In the past year, these videos have increased website traffic to by more than 576% with 58% of those visitors millennial moms.

While the numbers alone are impressive, the meaning behind them is even more important. In short, millennial moms dig us. They enjoy our content. They want to learn more about Florida orange juice. All signs that we should continue doing what we are doing.

That’s good news for everyone in this industry.

Holding The Purse Strings

As the primary decision-makers in their households, millennial moms have a massive amount of purchasing power — $170 billion in 2014 alone. Plus, they are parents to 43% of children today.

As we head into a new season, we have even more of these “mom tips” up our sleeves. While we’ll continue to create and improve upon the current method we’ll also implement a twist.

Instead of using actors (or even our own hands in some of those recipe videos), we are letting the real stars of the Florida citrus industry shine: growers and their families.

  • Karen, wife of Florida Citrus Commissioner Marty McKenna, in her Sebring kitchen with daughter Emily whipping up Florida Orange chocolate chip cookies.
  • Grower Emma Ezell in the kitchen of her mother’s home crafting a Florida grapefruit jalapeno margarita.
  • The three young children of Commissioner Francisco Pines in their Miami home making Florida OJ popsicles.
  • Grower Aaron Himrod and his wife Kristi in the kitchen sharing tips on how to prep meals for the week, featuring Florida citrus, of course.

We’ve long known that millennials are interested in where their food comes from. This enables us to connect those dots unlike ever before.

These videos and more will roll out in digital ads and social posts through the season. Not only will millennial moms get great tips on how to create lasting memories with their families, but they’ll also get to know the people who make it possible for Florida citrus to enter their home.