New Citrus Greening Nutritional Mix Enters The Market

H.J. Baker has launched TIGER Greening Guard citrus mix (64%S, 3%Fe, 7%Mn, 6%Zn), a new product that is backed by University of Florida research.


According to H.J. Baker, TIGER Greening Guard limits tree vulnerability by boosting and strengthening a tree’s immune system. It increases feeder root density for optimal nutrient uptake, which allows for healthier fruit and reduced fruit drop.
Don Cherry, President of H.J. Baker’s Crop Performance Group, stated: “TIGER Greening Guard citrus mix is a revolutionary new way to combat citrus greening. Its acid forming technology and precision micronutrient delivery fuels feeder root density and strengthens the plant immune system. It also lowers soil pH which reduces stress and its control release properties optimize nutrient uptake and boost citrus tree health.”