Blue Book Online Services Now Supplying Meister Content

Blue Book Members now have convenient access to select content from Meister Media Worldwide (MMW) via Blue Book Online Services (BBOS) making it easier and faster to thoroughly research trading partners.


When evaluating a new or existing business relationship, produce marketers and buyers usually start by analyzing the company’s Blue Book listing, rating, and business report. Company records in BBOS will soon also include a chronological list of articles from certain MMW print & online publications that reference that company. “Taken together, this convenient combination of credit, business, and news simplifies and streamlines the process of making safe business decisions,” says Jim Carr, president and chief executive of Blue Book Services, Inc.

“This new gateway to MMW’s content through BBOS aligns well with our mission,” explains William Miller, vice-chairman of Meister Media Worldwide, “Our aim is to provide readers of American/Western Fruit Grower, American Vegetable Grower, Florida Grower, and with another convenient access point to the articles that help the fruit and vegetable industry to succeed.”

For example, when a Blue Book member has completed researching a potential supplier’s trading integrity, the user will be able to remain in BBOS and preview recent MMW articles referencing that company. Then, the user simply clicks on the appropriate hyperlink and a new browser window opens with the selected article on MMW’s familiar “” site.

There will be no additional charge for access to MMW’s content and articles through BBOS. “Regularly adding more value to Blue Book Membership remains a top priority,” confirms Carr.

“Going forward,” adds Miller, “the amount of MMW content accessible via BBOS on listed companies is expected to significantly increase.”

Meister Media and Blue Book are pleased to share this innovation and new business relationship. The collaboration will serve our mutual customers well by making it quicker and easier to evaluate current or prospective business connections.