Simplify Food Safety

Simplify Food Safety


Two companies have joined forces to create a food safety solution for growers and packers. Introduced by North Carolina companies FoodLogiQ and Smart Online, the National Food Safety System (NFSS) addresses everything from the ability to build Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) compliant food safety systems to the presence of a traceability engine.

NFSS works by integrating low-cost, on-demand food safety functions, including audit scheduling and fulfillment and laboratory testing, into a traceability solution established by FoodLogiQ.

Through its food safety consultant marketplace and an open third-party audit system, NFSS offers its users an affordable channel for building GFSI compliant safety systems. This feature is significant because in recent years there has been pressure applied from the retail sector for food suppliers to meet one of the GFSI standards by the end of 2008.

A core requirement of GFSI compliant food safety and quality systems is that the system be equipped to quickly pinpoint and remove tainted products in the event of a recall. NFSS features traceability capabilities which can meet this demand.

The traceability engine is beneficial to large growers, whose produce can be difficult to track due to its high quantity. However, NFSS can benefit smaller local growers as well, albeit in a different manner. With the concept of “locally grown” gaining popularity in the fruit industry, it is imperative that consumers feel secure about the safety of produce. To this end, NFSS enables local growers to assure consumers and retailers that their products were subjected to, and met, the same quality and safety standards as national brands.

FoodLogiQ creates Web-based workflow, compliance, and traceability systems that can be used by individuals, companies, and industry associations. Smart Online offers back-end technology that gives growers a method of assuring food safety without the complications of traditional software.

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