Don’t Miss The Apple Grower Of The Year Presentation

2014-AGTY-Bill-Jeannette-EvansAmerican and Western Fruit Grower’s 2014 Apple Grower of the Year will be officially presented on Thursday, Aug. 21, during the USApple Association’s Crop Outlook and Marketing Conference.


This year’s deserving winners, Bill and Jeannette Evans, follow in the footsteps of such past winners as Grady Auvil, Ralph Broetje, Gary Mount, Mo Tougas, Evan and Nathan Milburn, Dan Boyer, Mike Taylor, John Rice, and many others.

Bill and Jeannette Evans, 2014 Apple Growers of The Year, were announced in the August issue of American and Western Fruit Grower.

Here’s a look at the early days of Evans Fruit Company.

Apple Grower of the Year TrophyThe 2014 Apple Crop Outlook and Marketing Conference (Outlook) brings all aspects of the apple industry together Aug. 21-22 in Chicago, IL. This two-day conference, hosted annually by USApple, will feature fresh data on global apple crop projections, the latest consumer marketing trends, and offer networking opportunities.

Global Apple Crop Preview
Highlighting the conference will be a broad analysis of the first forecast for this fall’s apple crop. USApple’s own member-driven projections will be compared to predictions from USDA’s prospective apple crop report. This industry data will include specific overviews for the five key apple-producing regions. Historically, the consensus emerging from this conference on the size and quality of the coming crop, by region, is remarkably close to actual results.

In addition, Outlook will feature experts from key global apple markets, including Canada, Mexico, Europe, and China, who will examine continued growth in global markets and the collective impact on U.S. marketing efforts and on the bottom line.

Outlook attendees will receive a copy of USApple’s 2014 Production & Utilization Analysis Report, a statistical analysis of the apple industry. This publication — not available prior to the conference — examines apple volume, value, crop movement and utilization, and U.S. export and import trends.

Consumer Marketing Trends
Ever-changing consumer interests and economic trends continue to drive the year-round demand for apples and apple products worldwide, leaving apple growers and marketers to constantly pursue ways to efficiently produce and effectively market their fruit. Outlook will provide a broad perspective of current and emerging consumer trends, and how they will influence apple marketing strategies for a competitive edge. Industry experts will offer a glimpse into the minds of today’s consumers and the factors driving their purchasing demands, preferences, and behaviors.

For more information about the USApple Outlook Conference, visit GrowingProduce.comand