California Wine Products Punch Drunk from Tariffs

California Wine Products Punch Drunk from Tariffs

Following additional sanctions imposed on Chinese imports by the U.S., China has once again retaliated by charging an additional $60 billion in tariffs on U.S. goods.


The San Francisco Chronicle says of the 5,000 U.S. products and goods that will be subject to a 5% to 10% tariff on Sept. 24 is meat, crops, industrial materials, and wine. U.S. wine will be subject to an additional 10% tariff on top of the 67.7% tariff lobbied in April.

“While increased tariffs are challenging, Chinese consumers are clearly attracted to California wines and appreciate the high quality and great diversity of wines from the Golden State,” said Linsey Gallagher, Wine Institute VP of International Marketing, in a statement last week to The Chronicle.

The article reports the Wine Institute promotes California wine in China through classes and events and will continue to have a strong presence at wine trade shows in Shanghai and Chendgu.

“There’s nothing good that can come of these tariffs,” Michael Havens, an export broker at California American Terroirs in Sonoma, which works with 93 West Coast wineries, told The Chronicle.