More Than 300 Heirloom Varieties At Living Apple Museum

Apple trees are a living, vital part of America’s landscape. An orchard in New York has taken this heritage to heart. LynOaken Farms in Medina, NY, recently opened what is being dubbed a living museum of heirloom apples. As the public’s interest in unique offerings and varieties on the orchard grows, this offering seemed like a natural fit, says Chris Oakes, orchard manager for LynOaken.


“We wanted to show the genetic diversity and history of some of the apples,” said Oakes to the OrleansHub.

LynOaken Farms boasts a resume of more than 300 heirloom varieties on 5.5 acres, including varieties such as such as Redfield, Ben Davis, and Spitzenberg. The apples are available in a U-Pick orchard that opened on Sept. 1. It is believed to be the largest collection of heirloom varieties in one location as a U-pick venue. The farm partnered with a local Amish horticulturist to amass the varieties.

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