Mott’s Strike Ends

On September 20, employees of the Mott’s plant in Williamson, NY, will return to work after a strike that lasted nearly four months. Union members have voted 185 to 62 in favor of the new contract from the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, which owns Mott’s.


According to the Local 220, the new agreement includes restored wage levels and a continuation of the pension plan. Additional details are not being disclosed.

Union workers aren’t necessarily calling the end of the strike a victory, however. According to in Rochester, new workers will not receive pensions and the 401(k) match will be reduced by 60%. The cost of health insurance will increase, as well.

Larry Young, President and CEO of Dr Pepper Snapple Group provided the following statement to WHEC:

“From the beginning of our negotiations, we sought an agreement that supported our business, and we’re very pleased with this resolution. This agreement will support our efforts to optimize our supply chain operations and bring our costs in Williamson in line, and it is an important step toward ensuring the continued growth and market leadership of the Mott’s brand. We look forward to our employees returning to work and delivering great value to our customers and consumers.”