New Mobile App Connects Beekeepers and Farmers

Pollination Network mobile app screen captures

Growers can share their pollination needs to the new Pollination Network app as listings to attract nearby beekeepers.

Pollination Network, a new mobile app designed to help local farmers and growers find bees and beekeepers, officially got its wings and is available for download. The app helps beekeepers to find jobs with nearby growers, and it allows growers to post public listings and hire beekeepers within the app.

When beekeepers download the app, they will have access to a map featuring job listings from growers across the country who need bees. They can filter by location, expected price rate, and quality of bees, and apply for jobs straight from the app, according to instructions.


Growers will be able to post listings from their smartphones, customizing each job listing to their specific needs. Then, employees at the Pollination Network headquarters will manage the listings and notify growers when a suitable beekeeper is found.

“Strengthening the grower-beekeeper relationship doesn’t just improve a tiny corner of the economy,” stated Brandon Bouye, the app’s developer, in a prepared news release. “It protects the environment, and it puts food on the table for people across the country.”

The Pollination Network app can be downloaded for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play. For more detailed information, visit