Purdue Tree Doctor App Available For Android Devices

Purdue Tree Doctor AppPurdue University recently announces the release of the Android version of the Purdue Tree Doctor. It is available at the Google Play store.


Just like the Purdue Tree Doctor for the iOS system, this app will help growers diagnose and find recommendations to manage more than 175 tree problems on more than 60 varieties of trees common to the Midwest and Northeast U.S. The app offers Purdue’s entire library of photos and recommendations at your fingertips when trying to make a diagnosis. Growers will be able to use these high-resolution photos to help diagnose and manage some of the most common problems affecting trees in the area. This app requires Android 4.1 (Jellybean) operating system and up. This app has been tested on several platforms, and a diversity of phones. It looks best on phones and smaller tablets (7 inches or less).

How to use the app: Identify the type of tree first and the app will help match damaged plant parts with hundreds of high-resolution photos, based upon the location of the problem: leaves, branches, stems, roots, etc.

Once a tentative diagnosis is made, double check it by following links on each photo to detailed descriptions of damage and stages of problem development. Advice for management of the problem will also be offered.

Alternatively, if the problem is already identified, use the app to find management tips by searching through the problem list.

For those of with spotty internet connections, the Purdue Tree Doctor is designed to have all of its critical information and photos reside on the phone in a modest package size (240MB) and is available for $1.99 at Google Play store.

Source: Purdue University news release