Tips To Manage Necrotic Leaf Blotch In Apples; Bacterial Spot In Stone Fruit

Necrotic leaf blotch (Photo credit: USDA, ARS)

Necrotic leaf blotch (Photo credit: USDA, ARS)

Apple growers in Pennsylvania are reporting more necrotic leaf blotch on Golden Delicious and cultivars with Golden Delicious as a parent — Pink Lady, GoldRush, Gala, and Jonagold — according to Kari Peter, assistant professor in the Department of plant pathology and environmental microbiology and tree fruit pathologist with Penn State Extension.

This physiological disorder can appear overnight in the months of July and August and is more severe when cool, rainy weather is followed by very warm temperatures.


Stone fruit growers need to monitor for bacterial spot and fruit rot diseases, says Peter. The bacteria is still active, she cautions, thanks to cooler temperatures and milder weather.

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Source: Penn State University Extension bulletin