Yara Introduces Almonds To CheckIT

Yara North America, Inc. recently added almonds to its Yara CheckIT app for visual identification of crop nutrient deficiencies. The free app is available at app stores for download to Android, Apple, and Windows platforms.


Yara’s CheckIT gives users the capability to determine crop nutrient deficiencies by visual comparison. The app has data and pictures for 27 crops and their most common deficiencies. CheckIT also gives corresponding nutritional advice when the deficiency has been identified.

“The pictures of nutrient deficiencies in almonds are all new and were developed specifically for CheckIT under carefully controlled growing conditions”, said Steve Petrie, Ph.D., Yara’s Director of Agronomic Services for the western U.S. “This is the most extensive collection of pictures of nutrient deficiencies in almonds that is available.”

Yara worked closely for almost two years with Carol Lovatt, Ph.D., at the University of California, Riverside on this project.

“CheckIT also provides growers with information on the role of nutrients in crop growth and quality,” Petrie added, “nutrient deficiency symptoms, and the soil conditions that are associated with nutrient deficiencies.”