Product Spotlight: Droid App Available For PureSense Irrigation Manager

The new Irrigation Manager Android application is now available for PureSense Environmental Inc. The PureSense app allows growers to monitor their real-time field conditions and irrigation activity from their Android phones. Monitoring stations placed throughout growers’ fields send data through the Internet every 15 minutes, and the PureSense Android application allows the grower to access that information in the field.


Using the “offline sync” feature, the data becomes available on the Android phone even when the grower enters an area without a cellular signal. The app is available through the Android Market and is available only to growers with a PureSense login. The app can be obtained from the handset by going to the Market app and searching for PureSense.

PureSense has plans to release additional apps for various platforms in the coming months.For more information, go to